Setup IPTV on Firestick

iptv firestick

Setup IPTV on Firestick

The FireStick is one of the best Devices to watch iptv on in this Tutorial we will show you how.

Setting things up

In this Method we will use our pc to install Kodi for setup iptv FireStick

First off download & install adbLink Tool

Now we need a Kodi version which we want to install on our Fire Stick

Since we are using a Firestick which is base on Android we need to download the APK Version of Kodi (ARM)

Download here




In order to install Kodi we need to enable “ABD-Debugging” and allow  Apps from third party services we can do so in the Developer Settings under System






Next up we need the IP Address of our Fire TV Stick ! To find the ip we need to navigate to System > Info > Network

Note : You can also find your FireTV Sticks ip under your Router Settings as “kindle”



Write down your ip Adress and start adbLink

Choose New under the Control Devices


Now leave a Description and put in the IP Adress we found out like below and press Save



After a click on Connect we should be connected with the Device


Now in order to install Kodi to our Fire TV Stick we need to press Install APK and then open the .apk File of Kodi we just downloaded


Press YES on all alert messages and wait for the Programm to finish till you see hint “Installed”

Thats it !

You can now choose Kodi in your Apps Libary



Done tutorial for setup iptv on fire tv

If you dont know how to setup Kodi for IPTV navigate to this Tutorial where we teach you how to do so.

Note: You could use any other IPTV Client however it needs to be an .apk file

Youtube Video Tutorial


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